Meet Maureen and Zac

Meet Maureen and Zac:They are a mother and son who are sharing the journey of autism. Maureen is mother to four adopted children, a teacher and a counselor and Zachy’s biggest advocate and fan.  Zac is a hard worker and a force for positivity and enthusiasm in his quiet, unassuming way. 

All my children were adopted. We were fortunate enough to be present at Zac's birth, which was certainly a privilege and unexpected. I got to give him his first bath and Zac's dad got to cut the cord. We took him home the very next day. When we got him home, he was a very, very quiet baby. He was not very responsive. I looked for the increase in responsiveness as he got older but by the third month, he wasn’t. He didn’t really look at me. It was very different than the older two who had bonded visually and were making noises by that age.. With Zac, that wasn’t happening.
Immediately, I started to wonder what was going on. This was too different. I really didn’t get much assistance in the medica…

Meet Rylan

Meet Rylan:He loves looking for deer and elk, running, jumping, climbing and watching movies like Moana, Trolls, and Storks. 
He has autism and a sensory processing disorder. He is a non-verbal 3-year-old who is “the most pure human being."
There isn’t a single person he won’t show love to.
His story is worth your time.