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Meet Amy

Meet Amy: She is a stellar writer, loves her cat, and is working on a degree in Sociology at Colorado Mesa University. Her voice will change you. Her story is worth your time.

A little bit about myself: I was born without legs. My left leg goes all the way to where a normal foot should begin and then my right leg goes to about where a knee would be. With that, I was born with a syndrome called Moebius. It is a difference that affects the 6th and 7th cranial nerves in the face and comes with a lot of facial paralysis. A lot of people who have Moebius cannot move their tongue, their eyes in a horizontal direction, they may also have a hard time communicating or speaking, they may have swallowing issues and just some general difficulty with the function of the face. It’s like a permanent Botox, so there you go.
I was actually born with the inability to smile which was also because of Moebius. In 1999 I had a surgery in Toronto, Canada that allowed me to smile. I had to go back twice. The…