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Meet Christie

Meet Christie: She is the Outreach Coordinator for the Aspen Hope Center.She adopts older dogs to give them their best golden years. She finds her serenity in the outdoors. Christie has a diagnosis of Bipolar 1 defined as manic highs and depression lows. She knows how to manage her illness and does not let it define her.

Her voice will change you.

Everyone goes through hard times and faces challenges. The more we share and talk about our struggles, the more we will change the perception of looking at our hardships as a weakness.I think this is especially true for mental health.

For years I hid my depression. I didn’t want people to know how I was really feeling. It began in high school, and I masked my feelings with drugs and alcohol. Suicidal thoughts became part of my norm. Eventually the highs became too extreme and the lows too dark.Six years ago, a friend called the Aspen Hope Center, and I finally was ready to ask for help.I acknowledge them for saving my life.
It is a relief to …