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Meet Tessa

Meet Tessa: 
She loves Disney's Moana, goldfish crackers and the color pink. Her voice will change you. 

Here is her story:

To the mom I saw in Aldi, Well, that was a little awkward, wasn't it? Truth be told, my family is a chaotic mess when we shop together.  We do it often, hoping it will get better as we practice.  So far, we haven't much improved, but we keep charging through it anyway.  You had it together much more that we did, pushing your two little girls through the aisles.  We are a tornado... so it's no wonder that your daughter noticed mine.  They may not look it, but they are probably the same age. "Momma, look at that girl's face!" she exclaimed.  You were very sweet in your response.  "Oh, isn't she pretty?  She's so cute."  Your daughter persisted, and you stayed positive.  "She has such a pretty smile!" I couldn't look up at you at the moment.  I just grabbed my lunch meat and Kraft singles and hightailed it out …