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Meet Alea

Meet Alea:  She is an enthusiastic, determined spirit. She loves to dance, laugh, play dress up and the color purple. Her voice will change you. Here is her story:

Hi, my name is Laura, and I have two beautiful daughters, Annabelle, age 9 and Alea, age 5. Alea was recently diagnosed with FoxP1 syndrome after completing a whole exome sequencing at Children's Hospital. People with FoxP1 syndrome often have intellectual disabilities, developmental delay and autism-like behaviors.
Alea is a precious gift as is every child, but occasionally other people in society don't view her that way. One day while shopping in Target we passed a lady whom I estimated to be in her forties. Alea is extremely friendly and asked the lady what her name was. The lady nicely replied and then Alea asked what her name was again.The lady repeated it but then Alea asked for her name once more. Instead of responding, the lady looked directly at me. “You know”, she said, “there's a great book named Wonder…